In the old-fashioned 1950’s concerns not quite dental health along surrounded by children led to controversy taking into account than it was proposed that fluoride be postscript to drinking water. In Grand Rapids, Michigan fluoride was enhance to the drinking water and studies six years well ahead found a dramatic ensue less in tooth decay surrounded by the children there. The Surgeon General ascribed water fluoridation and many communities responded by fluoridating city water supplies. Dentists united in supporting this announcement michigan city family dentistry.

In 1955, toothpaste manufacturers jumped in version to the fluoride bandwagon and America began to see an array of “Look, Mom, no cavities” commercials. Today, fluoride is rouse thing accessory to some bottled waters and to sodas. There are fluoride supplements saintly-humored for kids. Mouthwash contains fluoride.


Maybe young person person kids are getting too much of a fine issue. Federal health officials understand that Americans are getting too much of the chemical. Last week the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced plans to degrade the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water for the first era in the future the 1950’s.


Why is that? They have discovered spotting and streaking regarding the teeth of just approximately 40% of young people. Since the condition has been seen increasing in the last thirty years, officials looked to additional research studies to evaluate the problems. What they found in reviewing research by The Environmental Protection Agency is that long-term intake of fluoride can toting going on in the works the risk of bone deformities which can cripple people. Greater risks of atypical bones were along with suspected.